Preserving our Past for the Future

What did you think?

I hope that all of you enjoyed the 2011 Chicago History Author Series. This was our second year hosting this event and we are proud to announce that we won an award of excellence from the Illinois Association of Museum for our 2010 series.
The museum would be interested in hearing your feedback on this year’s event. Please share with us your thoughts, positive or negative, so that we can take them into consideration when planning for next year. Is there an author you really liked or one you would like to see next year? Or is there a topic that we have yet to cover that you would be interested in?

Feel free to post comments on this post or email us at with your suggestions.

Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays!


One response

  1. Brian and Other Curators at the Lisle Depot Museum,

    If someone has not already thanked you for the marvelous programs you put together on Saturday afternoon, then her is a big thanks. I have attended two of the programs and regret that I have not made time to attend more. I will certainly try to correct this next year.
    The museum is an asset that Lisle can be proud of supporting.
    Thanks again.

    Vern Miller

    November 13, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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